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Dinosaur of the Day #63 - Edmontoguanadon

Rarity: Epic.
Metahub Tier: TBA.
Health: 5100.
Damage: 1100.
Speed: 107.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 5%

DNA can be used for: Edmontosaurus and Iguanadon.

Greater Stunning Rampage.
Nullifying Impact.
Regenerate and Run.
Superiority Strike.
Swap-in Stun.

So, thoughts on this hybrid dinosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?

I love him. He just kinda works. I would have loved to see acute stun on him but that didn’t end up. He is very useful if you are out classed by your opponent and need more than one Dino to take them down.

I like using him as an opening Dino. He has that swap out and heal which gives him back life and is a gentle move so no counter attack. So I bring him on throw a slow or stun. Then his remove positive. Then swap him out hopefully he is next to a tank. Then that one can battle.

His swap in stun is nice but inconsistent. But with that said all around he is a likable ol chap.


I really want to get this one to team level. I’ve played some friendlies with it and the swap in stun is very unreliable. It plays really well with hit and run dinos and can tank a pretty big hit if you need it to. Then Regen that health right back and get out of there.

It was the first 1.6 hybrid I completed and while it looks nice, it isn’t one that I would want to field.

Bleeder to SIA stun, works great if your opponent not immune and the 60% chance on this girl actually seems like a 60% chance for once.

Only thing I question (and this is for all the 1.6 non-uniques) is the rarity tier. This dino and procerathom seem more like legendary dinos. And that new 1.6 rare bird seems more like an epic then a rare.

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The 1.7 update increased Edmontoguanadon’s health from 5100 to 5220.

I’ve encountered this thing a couple of times and I gotta say it’s pretty annoying. Anyone got experience with it in 1.8? Can it be used against rat or Thor?

It is annoying, but the only times ive encountered it are in tourneys. Would say its def not a Thor counter, but more like an “annoy your opponent” thing

I haven’t seen it since 1.8 dropped but you are right that it is annoying when played right.

Mine is level 21 and I love it. Even if it gets a hybrid I have no regrets XD

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I see a swap team with this dino looking really fun. If Thor wasn’t so used it could actually happen…

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