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Dinosaur of the Day #69 - Magnapyritor

nah when i’m magna i hold out and hit distracting as slow as possible. In either case, i will win the match if i’m slower t1 and faster t2 and t3.

The same strategy in reverse ruins indo’s chances. Point being, even with the split with indo, magna is a force to be reckoned with, only falling victim to hyper-high damage creatures that can cleanse or are immune (indo, erlidom, proceratomimus).

Magna puts indo in a rough spot. It needs to find a way to cleanse the distract, and needs to evade at the right moment. Not a lot of things put indo in a spot like that save Tryko head games or Monostego.

But that is the point. Indo vs Magna depends on whoever can hit slower and faster in certain turns.

The only thing that I see Magna being “better” at is performing in one selected match, because of the whack programming ludia uses in RNG. But in the big picture it evens out anyway.

I still stand by what I have said, Magna is clearly not in the league of Erlidominus and the other 3 and only marginally better than Indo if at all. What Magna had going for itself is being able to beat Trykosaurus and Diloracheirus, but so can certain apexes, so I don’t see how makes Magna special.

I am willing to accept it slightly better than the average Apex, but not that better to warrant the status Erlidominus, Trykosaurus Diloracheirus and Dracoce-RAT-OP-s has.

Nah. Disagree. It has farrrrrr too many plus matchups across the board to be downtrodden whereas other things that beat diloraich and tryko usually have that one principal use (see tryostronix) and are not in a good spot against most other things. :slight_smile:

But I hear you. You’ll see it more in the arena and can let me know if you find it troublesome as time goes on. :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing your POV. :slight_smile:

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I am really pleased that one of these topics has generated a good discussion. Brightened my day. :smiley:


So far, so good against Magnapyritor.

But I see where you are coming from as well, it’s a case of agree to disagree, I think, based what one wants from a Dino or how balanced is viewed in general.

I mostly agree with the tierlist you guys have assembled though, much more than the previous one.

Other than Magnapyritor the few I disagree with are these ones:

  • Blue I consider high Alpha or low Apex instead of low Alpha, based on the good matchups she has against Diloracheirus and multiple Apex dinos.
  • Imo I-Rex is on the power level of Utahsinraptor and the likes, so high Apex instead of medium.
  • Edmontoguanodon to me is more low Apex, it lacks some punch and only super strong with 2 more swappers.
  • Darwezopteryx and Paramoloch should switch places
  • Tyrannolophosaurus is to me, low apex for the fact that it can 1 v 1 and Indoraptor if played well.

That’s pretty much it, the rest seems like in their representative brackets, and I only feel that Magna, I-Rex, Tyrannolophosaurus and Blue are the outliners. Bear in mind that I have been excessively using those 4 in a bunch of different team comps, so that could be why I see more strength (or in Magna’s case weaknesses) in them.

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