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Dinosaur of the Day #69 - Magnapyritor

I agree. I’m just surprised that I don’t see as many any more.

I see them in the gyro all the time. Usually at 150+ speed (I mean mine is too to keep up). Usually about 2000 attack and the rest in hp

So quite possibly they are used at a higher level. Best I’ve ever got was to Aviary.

Honestly it deserves it like tryko it’s always been one of the old reliables

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I love Magna, but with the addition of rend resistance, I kinda hate seeing her when she’s too fast. Tryko and Ardentis can take a chunk of out her, but then it’s guaranteed to cause a major dent in whatever comes next. I see Magna a lot, and I would definitely say she’s a great dino to have on your team.

This was definitely one of the worst (at least for me, since I got the worst possible team combination for her - only Tryko could do anything against her):

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Yeah, they are kinda required where I’m at.


oh how times have changed :joy:

I used to see her a lot but since 2.0 she doesn’t seem that popular an option at least from my experience up to and including Aviary. These days it is all Monolemetrodon everywhere.

It just suffers from boost system and a rather odd play style. I do think it’s worth considering tho. Mono is used because it’s an easy crutch


It is easily one of the top uniques of the game.

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Ya it’s kinda the problem monolometradon is just easier to make and most player won’t probably switch unless they have to.

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Rarity: Unique.
Tier: Tyrant Low.
Health: 3900.
Damage: 1450.
Speed: 128.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 20%

Defence Shattering Strike.
Nullifying Impact.
Distracting Impact.
Defence Shattering Rampage.

Resistant to crit reduction (100%), damage over time (100%), reduced damage (50%), rending (50%), speed decrease (100%), stun (100%), swap prevention (75%) and vulnerable (100%).

Updated with the 2.6 changes which was just a change to crit reduction resistance.

magna is pretty good rn. basically better monolomet.

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Eh. Magna isn’t too good anymore in the swap meta