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Dinosaur of the Day #7 - Ankylocodon



The Ankylocodon uses the club tail it inherited from the Ankylosaurus much like a beaver would be slapping the ground and water during both communication and combat.

Base DNA: Ankylosaurus Gen 2 and Ophiacodon.
Rarity: Rare.
Metahub Tier: Survivour.
Health: 3900.
Damage: 800.
Speed: 107.
Defence: 25%
Critical chance: 20%
Armour Piercing Strike.
Decelerating Impact.
Short Defence.
Armour Piercing Impact.

So, thoughts on this hybrid dinosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?

Ankylocodon thumbs up or thumbs down
Dinosaur of the Day #9 - Ankylosaurus Gen 2
Dinosaur of the Day #9 - Ankylosaurus Gen 2

Never felt that this hybrid really pulls its weight in battle. By the time you get it you probably have better choices for your team. Agree or disagree?


It takes getting used to, and is very situational in its usage. It has a slowdown attack, while itself being immune to slowdowns, and a short defense shield. The armor piercing impact at higher levels doesn’t always crit, but it doesn’t have to. This is basically a tank-killing tank.

Paired alongside a Monolometro or Postimetro, which have nullifying or ferox strikes, and you can use Anky to whittle the opponent down, swap in another immune, then finish the job.


This grinning little armored cockroach is pretty good at knocking down raptors too. Being immune and armored has its advantages, especially combined with a slowdown, followed up with short defense. After that, the raptor should have already died, leaving your opponent scrambling to figure out which dino to use next.


All that being said, you should never attempt to use Anky against a large Theropod like Rexy, or anything that has armor piercing/defense shattering/nullifying attacks.


My 29 is an invaluable part of my team - armor and immune, slowing and shield. It takes on utarinex, dilo, and spinotasuchus like a champ. Since the nerf even defeats similarly leveled stegods. VERY underrated dino - once you get the level up enough. Glad I never gave up on the stupid thing. :smiley:


They should have given it long protection back as compensation for the shattering working on it.


I don’t normally name dinos, but have referred to this one as Gernan Shephard dude and my hubby knows who I’m talking about lol


Faced an equally leveled one of these in the Aviary…
Let’s just say when they’re 25+, they’re a tough cookie to crumble


I can speak to this. I hate @D_MOL s anklyo. Last time I faced it i had to use 3 dinos to down it lol.


Ankylocodon is one of my faves! Getting ready to level mine to 24.

Also, he likes tacos and is usually found at Mexican restaurants. :taco::taco:


Love this. I call him my puppy. <3


Maybe I am underestimating it then. Just never seemed all that good to me.


You still won, too… :unamused:


Hehe I did :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


I have never liked this dino nor have any problems beating it. Highest level has been propably 26 or 27lvl


Mine will see L30 one day. For sure.


Really good dino.


At first I didn’t really like it, but after time it grew on me. I leveled it up to 15 (could be 17+ but lack of coin) so I didn’t really test it out yet, as it’ll be the lowest leveled member of my team. It also probably won’t have a spot on my team cause I like Postimetrodon better (:heart:) needless to say, it’s a good dino and when used properly it can be deadly.


Mines level 18 and the immunity and crit % is really good atm.