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Dinosaur of the Day #79 - Monomimus



Made from DNA of: Monolophosaurus and Gallimimus.

Rarity: Legendary.
Metahub Tier: Alpha.
Health: 2700.
Damage: 1300.
Speed: 127.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 5%

Distracting Impact.
Evasive Stance.
Nullifying Impact.
Nullifying Strike.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?

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Took me ages to complete this one due to Monolophosaurus hardly ever making an appearance but once I did have it in the collection it’s attacks were altered. I used it for a while alongside Monostegotops but I had better luck with that one so this got put on the sidelines.

Monomimus is still a good hybrid but I find it too focused on nullification and not on taking down the opposition. Even so, if you can get this one I think it’s still a good addition.


They need to reverse the speed on this dinosaur back to 129, it has next to no health and since they lowered it down it now sucks.


Same story over here as well. I’ve been taking down Monomimus in one or two hits in the arena anyway.

I’m currently leveling it solely for the unique.

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A carnivorous chicken has been spotted

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Monomimus is dead now.


It needs the speed back. In fact if was already stupid that Diloracheirus was faster than it on even levels, because of the rarity part of speed ties, but being 127 speed was just pouring hidrogene-chloride into a flesh wound.

It needs to be at least put back to 129 speed if not 130.


Not dead at all…i have it on my team and its still great…also doing all my strike events too…miss the speed and the health from the old days but its still awesome…level 27

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The 1.7 update reduced Monomimus health down from, 2700 to 2100, which is a huge drop really. Quite an unnecessary nerf really I think. However, she does gain Swap In Dodge. Not sure that is such a good trade off though.



I personally think it’s dead completely.

Swap in Dodge? If the enemy has any Definite or Precise moves, it won’t matter if the dodge is 100% or 50%.

And the low health just further guarantees a oneshot, unless the enemy was already distracted. And even then, I still think the health will permit an insta-death if a crit occurs.

Ludia has officially killed this hybrid off the face of the earth, and not even RaptorJesus can bring her back.

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The anti-evasive moves are what will kill/shake up the Arena. Almost makes me wonder whether they intended for that, after all, everyone is complaining about the dodges and seeing the same old dinosaurs.


Yeah, but that was what the nullifiers were for. And it wasn’t as if they didn’t exist. Everyone and their mama has access to Suchotator – one of the easiest nullifiers to make/level up.

Then there was Dilo, Procerato, and their hybrids to name a couple. If they didn’t invest in at least one decent nullifier, then they would have to deal with facing one unprepared.

But I suppose this will be an interesting meta, even if those that tend to be evasive will be even more exposed.

That’s it. It’s offical. I’m calling this new meta:

Evasion: Exposed!

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