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Dinosaur of the Day #80- Monostegotops



Made from DNA of: Monolophosaurus and Stegoceratops.

Rarity: Legendary.
Metahub Tier: Apex.
Health: 4440.
Damage: 1300.
Speed: 117.
Defence: 30%
Critical chance: 20%

Greater Stunning Impact.
Nullifying Impact.
Nullifying Strike.
Slowing Impact.

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?

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A much better option, in my opinion, than it’s fellow Mono hybrid Monomimus due to it’s attacks and abilities.Is it an Apex tier dinosaur though? I don’t think so. It isn’t that good that I would class it so highly.


No one has thoughts on this one?

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I love my Monostegotops. I keep pulling it on and off the team because it forgot how to stun :joy:

But the kit is very versatile and one of my better Indoraptor counters. Even thought it’s slowing impact got a buff, I think the ss buff actually hurt it a little bit because it can’t gain the speed advantage over Diloracheirus. Overall, though, a very good dino and I will continue to level it as it does have it’s uses in the arena.


Monostego is beast.
30 armor and the best indom kicker is a big spot in my team.

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You misspelled it though. It’s Monostegotops.

I would say it definitely is in the top 5 Legendary spot, along with I-Rex, Tragodistis, Tryostronix, Utahsinraptor.

(Dracoce-RAT-OP-s is a gross miscalculation therefore currently disqualified of that list).

It’s a Swiss army knife. It can be used as counter for a lot of dinosaurs (Indoraptor being probably the most important out of that) it has almost sweaper level damage (especially if it crits) and also can tank decently.

It’s definitely a versatile and good dino to have.

Edit: I didn’t mean to tag you, Piere, I wanted to tag Colin :sweat_smile:


Thank you for the spelling correction. :smiley:

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I haven’t used mines yet, it’s still level 16. I honestly don’t know who to replace with Monostegotops, and what role he plays, Opener? Mid-Game? Finisher? I do like his skillset and I desperately need another Nullifier on my team, only one so far is Suchotator.

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Can’t believe some people don’t rate it. Monostegotops is an absolute monster. A permanent member of my team and has wrecked havoc so much. Counters Dilorach, Erlidom, Indoraptor and so many others. Struggles against Utarinex, Utasino and Magna, and while it doesn’t have the best match-up against Spinotasuchus, it trades kills with it. Best reliable counter to all pesky dodgers.

With the buff in the latest update, it can chain impacts constantly, and do not underestimate that 20% crit chance, its damage output is crazy good. Add 30% armor to it and it can take quite a beating.

IMO it’s easily one of the top 10 dinos in the game at the moment, and one of the 3 best legendaries right now. Can’t imagine how you cannot rate this beast of a legendary.

It’s one of my team members which I will take all the way to level 30.


That’s the beauty of it. I think it can play almost any role. I like it as an opener, but have used it as a mid-game dino to finish off a pesky indoraptor. I prefer faster dinos for the end game, but I think it’s a good addition to any team.


How do you use Monostegotops? As an opener? Mid-game? Finisher? Would you think I should replace Stegoceratops with Monostegotops? Sorry for all the questions :sweat_smile:


Excellent opener, also excellent mid-game and also pretty decent finisher. The advantage of a slowing move on turn 1 helps in getting at least 2 hits off as an opener. The advantage of nullifying means it can help a lot against stuff like Indoraptor, Erlidom, Indominus which dodge a lot. Also has a 75% stunning move, plus a 20% crit chance, which means its damage output is a lot higher than it normally would be. I would suggest using it as an opener and trying it out.


I just replied to your comment :grin: I would be happy to answer anything else you want to know about Monostego, I use it a lot on my team and love it.


To answer your other question, yes, Monostego can be a good replacement for Stegoceratops. Stegocera has different utility as a stun machine but Monostego is more versatile and well rounded and can hit through evasive and cloak.

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@MyFishDrowned I prefer to be reactive with it, adding it in when I need the nullification or stun. I don’t see the point to starting with it though - I prefer something faster and more damage dealing.


I had Vlad on my team for a long time, even when no one thought he was good.
Then the 75% stun came :pray:t2:
Then the cooldowns were shortened :pray:t2:


I want to use this dino again pretty badly, but since Mono DNA is so hard and because I’m trying to collect 'em all, I can never seem to get enough to level up enough to meet the rest of my team.

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The 1.7 update reduced Monostegotops health down from 4440 to 4260. Perhaps another reduction ready for player stat boosts?


Monosteg is one of my favourites. Been on my team since creation and always managed to keep it at team level. It’s incredibly good at strike towers due to the versatile move-set, and often makes a human opponent think twice about swapping. If I predict a swap, I use the stunning impact to gain a free hit on whatever swaps in.
I never start with it, and when I was in Sorna and Lockwood, always used my favourite trick of leading with a fast heavy hitter (Utahsino etc) hoping the opponent led with Indominus. They cloak, I swap to Mono, and BAM!, goodbye to the cloak, often with a crit, and either a dead Indominus on the next turn, or a seriously wounded, stunned or slowed swap in…
Such a monster.
Will still be using it post 1.7

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It’s still on my team at level 18 and continues to work fantastic for me.