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Dinosaur of the Day #81 - Nodopatosaurus



Made from DNA of: Nodosaurus and Apatosaurus.

Rarity: Epic.
Metahub Tier: Omega.
Health: 4800.
Damage: 900.
Speed: 106.
Defence: 25%
Critical chance: 05%

Decelerating Impact.
Pinning Strike.
Short Defence.
Counter Attack (.5)

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?

Dinosaur of the Day #117 - Stegodeus

I used it until i got to 3000 trophies, its a great dino, really good opener, and closer too. i wouldnt change anything to its stats, i think its fine the way it is. altough i would love to see a long neck dinos meta in the future!


This is an Epic that appears quite frequently for me. I don’t use it as I’m no fan of sauropods in the game, but I did collect it to help complete Nodogiraffatitan. But saying that, it does show up now and again in the Sorna Marshes where I am at the moment.

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Months ago, this was my favorite thing to use in order to confuse people and (hopefully) outlast them in the Arena… now, it’s just an ingredient for a hungry, growing Stegodeus.

Such is the price of progress, I suppose! I’m still hoping for a Sauropod-only Tournament of some kind… :crossed_fingers:


I do keep suggesting that they make tournaments like this. It would be a nice shake up to the usual and get people out hunting dinosaurs they wouldn’t normally be hunting for.


I am pretty annoyed by the fact that Gigaspikasaurus is a direct update of this thing. Same as Purrolyth and Grypolyth.

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This girl was one of my favourite team members for a long time. After raising her to level 15 though, I started using her DNA for hybrids (like I’m sure many people did).

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Like her alot used to be a staple in my team till I got some legendries.

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If you have Nodosaurus and Apatos, then yes, I’d make this dino and level him up. Still have him in my team and he holds his own. If he’s in a fight I take him as my opening dino nearly 100% unless sucotator is also an option, then it’s a toss up. He can be good against armored dinos, too since he has a bit and with shield can be a good counter. He gets eaten alive by big T-Rex’s and Indo-Rex’s tho…