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Dinosaur of the Day #82 - Nodopatotitan



Made from DNA of: Nodopatosaurus and Giraffatitan.

Rarity: Legendary.
Metahub Tier: Alpha.
Health: 5100.
Damage: 1000.
Speed: 108.
Defence: 40%
Critical chance: 05%

Decelerating Impact.
Long Protection.
Superiority Strike.
Counter Attack (.24)

So, thoughts on this hybrid? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


Big thank you first off to my fellow Alliance friends in JWA UK, without who I would not have been able to create this one. They gave me all the Giraffatitan that I needed as the dinosaur never appears around where I live.

Saying that, I have it for the collection only as I still don’t think the sauropods are worth it unless you get them way up into the high 20’s.


Unfortunately she is just useless and IMO the worst legendary. I was so looking forward to make her considering Giraffa and Brachio are my favourites but not having rampage really hurts, instead I am just levelling both.


@Colin_Goodman. Definitely an interesting dino. I have not created her myself, but I’ve seen it in some battles, and it looks amazing! In my recent battles, I’ve noticed that players are focusing a lot more towards chompers and bleeders in their team, so a big heavy tank like Nodopatotitan might not work out too well in those situations. The tanks I have on my team at the moment are Tragodistis for its high speed and Monostegotops for its adaptive ability kit.


I’m doing the same as damage output, and fast damage output, feels the right way forward. Even from the start though, Tank style animals seem pointless and serve just to slow the game down.

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Right, and who likes being punished for using their own dino? :frowning:


I’m not saying people should be punished for it. Not at all. I’m just saying that for my perspective Tanks don’t do anything worthwhile. I’m happy to play against them obviously. They just don’t fit my play style.


This is the only one of Nodo’s hybrids that I still don’t have. Only just recently got Giraf up to 15, and my alliance members rarely spare any (they don’t spare much these days…).

I’ll unlock it for the collection only. I don’t see them in the arena that often.


No no, I completely agree! I find it unfortunate that, by picking a tank dino, a player is often doing themselves as much of a disservice as to their opponent, since it should be giving them an advantage or better functionality but instead it usually just leads to making battles take longer… doesn’t help that my all-time favorite dinosaur is Ankylosaurus because it’s almost never a viable option.

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Absolutely. I think it’s the problem with Tank style play and design. As they stand they are simply health and defence, which the opponent needs to slowly work through, effectively wasting time for both players. If they could have decent damage or abilities they might be more worthwhile.


Desperately needs a rampage and its counter turned up to 0.5x from 0.25x. Both ingredients have these features. The legendary should too. It’s not even remotely viable when Gigaspika has both of those things.


It hits like a wet noodle, which, no matter how good the kit is on paper, is its ultimate downfall.

It needs at least slowing Rampage, with some slight base damage buff.

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i’m guessing the next one is stiggy