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Dinosaur of the Day #89 - Paramoloch

I love her, she was a key dino on my team for a while. With her getting a slight rework and the booster, I’m tempted to add her back to my team and level her up. I do miss using her.

I think she’s more useful than Tuo also.

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I don’t know about anyone else but lately Paramoloch has become a bigger and more irritating thorn in my side than the hated Dracoceratops. It seems everyone is playing it and the stun spam is just frustrating.

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Its because she is good against Thor, Erli, tanks and can draw out Draco. I don’t see many in Lockwood and Aviary, but mine wrecks.


Does it really work against Thor?

I do not know why its unique Touramoloch didn’t inherit instant charge. I’m sure that way my Touramoloch would be quite more useful than it is now. It has an interesting kit but not working as good as it should because of boosts

It does, mine can beat most Thor I face 1v1 even with a DSI crit and Stun. Its just normally taken out by a Draco before it can. Lol

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Have already faced this one…

It was quite a beast but my toura surprisingly stopped and made her Regeneration and Run…

I always felt that Para was better than it’s Unique. I fought both and I always felt that Para was the more annoying since it can regenerate and run away before I take it down, Tuora just does some damage then dies, it doesn’t have Instant Charge to net those few K.Os that a priority move would guarantee.


If we compare it to Sinoceratops family, Toura should follow same scheme.

  1. Sinoceratops : instant charge
  2. Allosino: instant charge
  3. Utashino: instant charge.
  4. Thor: instant charge.
  5. Utarinex: instant charge.

Stygmoloch family.

  1. Stygmoloch : instant charge
  2. Paramoloch: instant charge
    3 Toura: … Cri cri… Cri cri…

Why the 4 sinoceratops hybrids keep IC while Stygis don’t

I guess they felt that Greater stunning Rampage would take its place, but it doesn’t

Just faced one that was a total beast! Lotsa boosts make Paramo pretty fierce (more fierce than some others with boosts I’d say).


I should start to level her up since Toura dies after 2 turns.

Ugh, that Regenerate & Run always makes my heart sink, because I’ll have whittled it down only to realize that I totally lost the war of attrition. :dizzy_face:


Glad to have it on my team. Still working out the kinks and getting used to it. Hate playing against it with a passion in the arena.

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I’m glad it isn’t just me. :+1:

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I faced them too. Lol
I won~

My para is faster, so it got me the edge I needed. They also didn’t draw their Draco.

I had to bench Paramoloch for Akinfenwa, it just wasn’t working on my favor, plus there aren’t many people using it on jurassic ruins

I have go ahead and risked with Tours…
Don’t know if I have messed it up but it’s kind of working

Yeah… I had it on my team for about three weeks. It was literally cannon fodder for Thor. Wasn’t working out well at all.
I regret boosting it.