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Dinosaur of the Day #94 - Proceratosaurus



Proceratosaurus (Before Ceratosaurus) was a small predatory theropod dinosaur active in what would become southern England during the mid-Jurassic.‭ ‬Arthur Smith Woodward first described the partial skull of Proceratosaurus as another species of Megalosaurus,‭ ‬a genus that suffered from the wastebasket taxon effect of almost any predatory dinosaur fossil being attributed to it.‭ ‬Friedrich von Huene split the skull from Megalosaurus and gave it its current name due to the nasal horn that was similar to the better preserved Ceratosaurus from North America.‭ ‬Proceratosaurus was thought to have been the ancestor to Ceratosaurus,‭ ‬and both were placed within the Coelurosauria group.

The above held true until the realisation that Ceratosaurus was not a member of the Coelurosauria in ‬1980.‭ ‬This immediately meant that Proceratosaurus could not be the ancestor to Ceratosaurus because of its own coelurosaurian features.‭ ‬The discovery also resulted in Proceratosaurus being looked at again to see if is really should be placed within the Coelurosauria.

Initially Proceratosaurus had an uncertain position and was briefly considered as a primitive allosaurid.‭ ‬However further studies would continue,‭ ‬resulting in Proceratosaurus being tentatively placed within the Coelurosauria in‭ ‬2004‭ ‬by Thomas R.‭ ‬Holtz,‭ ‬Jr.‭ ‬However a further study in‭ ‬2010‭ ‬by Oliver Rauhat et al.‭ ‬would have even further implications for the future of Proceratosaurus.‭ ‬Not only was Proceratosaurus confirmed as a coelurosaurid,‭ ‬it was even identified as a tyrannosaurid,‭ ‬something that resulted in the creation of the Proceratosauridae.‭ ‬This is the family group that sits within the Tyrannosauroidea and includes all theropods closer to Proceratosaurus than ‭ Tyrannosaurus.

Although some have questioned the above lineage,‭ ‬if it is correct then Proceratosaurus,‭ ‬or a dinosaur very much like it,‭ ‬would go down as the distant ancestor to the tyrannosaurids instead of other dinosaurs such as Guanlong and Stokesosaurus which previously held the title.‭ ‬To clarify matters this would mean that Proceratosaurus was the dinosaur that would go on to produce the giant tyrannosaurid predators of the late Cretaceous including,‭Daspletosaurus,‭ ‬Alioramus, Yutyrannus‭ ‬Gorgosaurus,‭ ‬and most famous of all, ‬Tyrannosaurus.

Rarity: Rare.
Metahub Tier: Survivour.
Health: 3000.
Damage: 1460.
Speed: 125.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 5%

DNA can be used for: Proceratomimus.

Distracting Impact.
Nullifying Strike.
Slowing Impact

So, thoughts on this dinosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


Not a great dinosaur I don’t think. It’s more of a nuisance than a real threat.


Dr. Stephen Brusatte of the University of Edinburgh, in his book “The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs”, cites Proceratosaurs as being some of the earliest Tyrannosaur forms, with older specimens such as Kileskus and Guanlong also falling into the same group. It’s not the crest, but the skulls, and how they were starting to take the trademark Tyrannosaur shape, even at such an early stage in development. As the Tyrannosaur line progressed, arms got shorter, heads got bigger, and a finger was lost.

So Coelurosaurs gave rise ultimately to both the maniraptora and Tyrannosauridae, finally culminating in the ultimate evolution of the Dinosaurs - the birds.


Procerato - it might have three digits, long arms and a bump on the snout, but it’s still a Tyrannosaur.


In the game, though, I feel that it is represented fairly in that an almost 2 meter tall predator couldn’t realistically hold its own against larger creatures that were (let’s be honest here) much more advanced in terms of size and strength. Against small lizards and burrowing fuzzballs, it was very successful. Against something 4 times its size… Not so much.


a drawing is incoming

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Very good read. One thing though, it’s a common misconception, but Yutyrannus ISN’T a Tyrannosauridae. It is actually a TyrannosaurOidae, so it is more closely related to the primitive forms, like Guanlong than T-Rex or Lythronax.

Yutyrannus also has three fingers. Granted it is physically huge and have characteristics that would make one think it’s a Tyrannosauridae, but it isn’t.

One the other hand, the little bugger Moros is a Tyrannosauridae, like Lythronax. Evolution sure is sometimes drunk :smiley:

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Tyrannosaurs in general are still being worked out, with tons of debate going on. The actual progenitor of this family may take a while to discover, but so far, the Proceratosaurs seem to be the earliest (so far).

Yutyrannus is definitely an oddball, as is Quangzhiousaurus, or “Pinocchio Rex” as it’s affectionately known. The Tyrannosauroidae is (to me at least) more or less like the Megalosaurus wastebasket, in that new species of early Tyrannosaur that haven’t been pieced into place within the group’s evolution get temporarily shunted there. This doesn’t make them non-related to T. Rex, it just means that they can’t figure out (for the moment) where to place them in the family tree. Tyrannosauroidae is a sort of “waiting room”, if you want to think of it that way.



The 1.7 update increased Proceratosaurus’ Damage to 1420 (Ignore the original post where I got the damage wrong initially - oops :blush: )