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Dinosaur of the Day #95 - Pteranodon



Pteranodon was a flying reptile which lived approximately 88 million to 75 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous Period. It was originally discovered by Othniel Charles Marsh in 1870 and was the first pterosaur to have been found outside of Europe. Marsh described and named it in 1876. Its name means “toothless wing” in Greek.

If you take a close look at Pteranodon pictures, then you’ll see this pterosaur was the stereotypical pterodactyl. A creature that could share the limelight with other flying reptiles such as Pterodactylus and Quetzalcoatlus. That’s because pterodactyls, despite common belief, weren’t one type of flying reptile. They were a genus of several different species. However, if there were one specific creature that people thought about when they thought about pterodactyls, then Pteranodon would be that creature.

Pteranodon was approximately 6 feet tall, weighed around 50 pounds and had a wingspan of about 18 feet. That means that it was about as tall as a human male, was 12 times heavier than a Red-tailed Hawk and had a wingspan that was 3 times larger than a Crowned Eagle.

At this moment in time, paleontologists aren’t exactly sure whether Pteranodon flew under its own power or if it glided. Most paleontologists seem to think that it glided and if that is the case, then it would have probably launched itself off of a cliff or similarly high object.

One of the most interesting facts about Pteranodon, however, is not its size or whether it flew. No, the most fascinating fact is that paleontologists think that the enormous crest on its head was used to stabilize it during flight. Of course, that hasn’t been proven as of yet.

Rarity: Epic.
Metahub Tier: Survivour.
Health: 3000.
Damage: 900.
Speed: 127.
Defence: 0%
Critical chance: 5%

Defence Shattering Strike.
Impact and Run.
Nullifying Impact.
Armour Piercing Counter.
Swap in Ferocity

So, thoughts on this pterosaur? Is it worth including on a team? Tactics and suggestions? What changes would you make and anything else you can think of?


I have never use it and when i look at his stats,it seem to be horrible.
127 speed for 3000health.
Down in a turn by any hard hitter of equal level (with crit)
And on low level,i don’ t see what use he can have…
Beat tanks?they can outspeed him and punish him next turn by rampage.
Beat raptors?maybe,they sucks
maybe to beat a diplocaulus?


None of the pterosaurs really seem worthwhile. I use Alankylosaurus but only as a counter to Indominus.

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I really like Pteranodon but he’s too frail to do anything, I can’t swap him in for the ferocity boost cause he’ll get one shotted, can’t start with him cause other lead dinos would dominate. Maybe as a revenge killer but then he’ll just get one shotted by whatever else comes out. I really hope Ludia buffs him and give him some more HP to actually survive a hit or swap out his Swap in ferocity for something else? Maybe give him Regen + Run?


That is a big problem with pterosaurs in my mind though - they just do not have the health to stand up to anything and can’t put out enough damage in return. However, they probably are exactly what they should be for pterosaurs realistically.

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Yup,i saw 3 kind of pterosaurs
the tanks one:(alanka,alankylosaurus,hatzegopterix,quetzacoal) these are among the best for me
The counter attackers (dsungarypterus,tupandactylus,pteranodon) :I tried them once and they are not so good,better than the theropods counter attacker (Which are among the worst creatures of the game)
And the bleeders: (dimorphodon,darwinopterus,scaphognatus) I have never use them yet.


Incoming drawing as well

Edit: does someone know how the ball on that Motorball scene looks like

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I call this “Pteranodon catching the Motorball”


I thought it was hunting a turtle! lol. Cool picture.


I was literally thinking about that Motorball scene like “just as Alita thought she had it in the bag a Pteranodon comes in and steals the ball!”


IMO only Alanqa and its hybrid are great,I used Dimodactylus for a while and while its not bad it dies to quickly.


I had really high hopes for Fliers to come in and shake up the meta with their swap-in abilities, but that thunder was stolen by Droacorex Gen 2 and Dracoceratops.

I always thought that they should get some kind of passive dodge ability in order to make up for the low health pools… That said, I’ve used Dimodactylus on a couple of occasions for the Bleed but otherwise, these are just unlocked and benched. :frowning:


I always felt that the swap in defensive abilities and such were meant to represent that they were flying rather than walking, but it doesn’t provide enough defence. The bleed abilities are a good choice but they are still glass cannons because they can’t take the hits.