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Dinosaur paddock duplicated?

Some how my Trex paddock got duplicated. Not just my Trex, the whole paddock. It happened when I checked which dinosaurs I had stored. I see my Trex was in there. I was confused as I didn’t think I’ve ever put it away, as it’s one of my best money makers. It’s a level 30 and a level 1. I placed it, and than realized I now had 2 Trex paddocks. Identical in every way (amount of money made, level, and amount of Trex in it(one level 30, and one level 1)). When I battle there only appears to be one level 30 and one level 1, which means the game is aware I inky have those. I got curious and started to test stuff. I fed the level 1, once in the original paddock. Both paddocks level 1’s were now level 2. I than fed the level 2 once, in the duplicated paddock. The Trex was now level 3 in both paddocks. I stored both the Trex paddocks. I went to remove them and it showed only one. I thought I fixed it. I placed one, went back in, and it was still there. I placed the second. Went back in, and now there were no Trex paddocks in storage, so the game knows there’s two paddocks, but also knows there should only be one. I tried to evolve me level 30, since there’s technically two level 30’s, but they’re in different paddocks, so it didn’t recognize that there were two, so I couldn’t. I can in fact collect from both, and collecting from one, does not collect from the other at the same time, essentially doubling my money made from Trex. I’m not upset, as I’m getting more coin, but it is a bug, so I figured I would report on it, and explain my tests done with the bug.

Thanks for reporting this to us @Morgan_Mapstone, and I understand it must have been confusing. Our team is aware of this issue, and they’re currently investigating to see what might have happened. In the meantime, we recommend leaving the cages where they are because moving them into the repository or selling the “extra” dino could cause more problems.

I will make sure not to do anything but collect coins from them for now. Selling was tempting, but if it could cause major issues than I will keep from doing that. Thank you for such a fast reply, and keep up the amazing work with this game.

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