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Dinosaur Pets and Their Use


I would love the addition of dinosaur pets and I would like them to be interesting and fun.

The main purpose of having a pet is to hunt and fight dinosaurs in the wild to gain DNA for your pet. They will also be useful to find hidden dinosaurs within your range circle. A possible third and forth option I would like is for surveillance or drop retrieval.

Basically, you go to a pet panel, select any dinosaur you have unlocked and make them your pet. They appear at the center of your pulsating circle. They will follow you when you walk.

Note: THEY WALK SLOW. They will not follow you in your car or if you ride too fast on your bike or if your GPS jumps. If they fall behind or get more than 50 meters from you, they disappear like hidden dinosaurs and go back into your inventory. You will have to bring them back out.

The Fighting Part:

The amount of DNA you get is based on rarity and the level of the dinosaur you defeat. Commons will gain a lot of DNA where Unique’s will only gain a few DNA for obvious reasons.

A lower level dinosaurs you fight must be within 20% of the level of your pet to gain DNA. A higher level dinosaur, you fight at your own risk.
If you win, your pet gains some DNA.
If you loose, your pet looses DNA.
If you fight dinosaurs that are too low in level, you will not gain any DNA. No risk, no reward.
The higher the level of the dinosaur your pet fights and defeats, the more DNA your pet gains but also the more your pet looses if you lose. Your pet can and will loose levels and pay the high price to level them back up.
There is a cool down period of 1 hour OR 300 meters if your out walking. This is the point of having a pet to “go out hunting”… get off your butt and move.
You can change pets after your pet has battled if you can’t walk them and fight with another dinosaur. The walking part is specifically meant for those are focusing on gaining DNA for a particular dinosaur they want to level up or just get DNA for. Dinosaurs will spawn with random levels from 1 to 30.
Finding dinosaurs in the level range and type you can fight may not necessarily be easy.

The Hunting Part:

You can send your pet out to find hidden dinosaurs. You double click on your pet to highlight them and poke anywhere in your range circle and they will walk (or fly) to that spot. If in the process, they get within 25 meters from a hidden dinosaur, that dinosaur appears the same as if you were there. You can then dart or fight them. The distance you run them around does not count toward the fighting cool down as this is based on “your movement” with your dinosaur pet out walking.


This would be for flying type dinosaurs only. You don’t see any strike towers you can do in your neighborhood? Standing in front of someones home to do 3, 5 or 7 strike tower battles would be weird? Grab your flying dinosaur and take off and search for one at your local park or down town. The higher level your flyer pet the farther you can fly, 100 meters per level up to 3000 meters which its distance plus what you can see beyond would be 2 miles.

Click to highlight your flyer and double them click to fly. Your range circles will disappear.
Double click the direction you want to go and you will start flying in that direction at a good 30 mph clip.
There will be a count down distance as your flying and your pet will stop when it hits zero.
Double tap to stop at any time to look around. The distance counter will stop.
To change directions, double click to stop. Look for the direction you want to go. Then double click to go again.
You can look around as your flying and see the drops and dinosaurs.
At the end your flyer will either hover in a circle or sit and you can spend time looking around.
Double click your flyer to pop back to your location.

You can’t dart dinosaurs or hit drops or do strike towers but you can find them. You can use them to look for epics and specific dinosaurs or see where the event drops are within their flying range.

Drop Retrieval:

Send your pet to out to get full amount collected off drops. Highlight your pet and then double tap the drop. Your pet will walk or fly over to the drop, turn and come back. Once it gets back, you will get your drop items at the full amounts. Most of us are in a rush so we may forgo the wait and just spin them.


Yaaaassss!! I love this!! What kind of pets would we get to choose from? Do we get to level them, or is it more just a cool and useful accessory? I want to be able to feed mine like one of those tamagotchi things.


This is a suggestions of course in hopes the developers look at these.

You can have any of your unlocked dinosaurs as a pet. This would be another way to get DNA specifically for a dinosaur your working to level up, especially ones whose components aren’t in your zone or hard to get. The idea is fighting makes them stronger, so long as you win. The cool down period is so it doesn’t get abuse. This would be a help for getting DNA we would want for specific dinosaurs but not any where near the sole means.

Even I’ve been 2 or 3 DNA from leveling a Legendary or Unique. If you have a Unique and you could get 1, 2 or 3 DNA out of a fight which I think is all they should ever dare give for those, it will add up and help in getting them up along with fusing components.

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Not to like “neg” your idea now, but I was really hoping these Dino pets would be new creatures, not ones I already have unlocked. The way you’re saying probably makes a lot more sense though. Otherwise it would take too long to implement these improvements to the game.


Ludia does that???