Dinosaur Poachers


In keeping with the dinosaur theme of Jurassic World, another facet that could be added to JWA are poachers.

JWA suddenly gets overrun with poachers and causes a threat to the existence of the dinosaurs and could cause their extinction.

So some of the dinosaurs begin to be replaced by poachers which means less dinosaurs. Like the dinosaurs, you use your drone to take them out.

The poachers can be different levels randomly from 1 to 15 meaning you have to hit them with darts equal to their level, 1 to 15 times. If you don’t get all the hits in the drowns time, they escape and you get nothing or maybe a few coins for trying to keep people trying that they will get something.

You have three types of poachers. The poacher, the dealers and the buyers. They run like the dinosaurs, faster each time you hit them and randomly changing direction. The reward for poachers could be some random common DNA, 20 x their level and some coins. You could have dino dealers that are level 5 to 10 and give out random rare DNA, 10 x their level and some coins. Then you could have dino buyers, level 10 to 15 and give out random epic DNA, 2X their level and some coins.

Each can have different names starting with each letter of the alphabet which tells their level starting with ‘a’.
Poacher Adam, Poacher Bob, Poacher Carl, Poacher Dan, Poacher Eric, Poacher Fred… etc.

So along with collecting all the dinosaurs, you take out all the poachers. You can have boy and girl names so there would be 30 poachers, dealers and buyers total.

These would spawn like rares and epics so it would take time to get them all.

This is just an idea to bring something new and different to JWA and in keeping with the dinosaur theme.


Good idea and all but I can’t help but notice
You want to shoot people with darts? I sure hope just some mild tranqs- I don’t see why we’d need human DNA

Oh wait.
introducing a new unique hybrid- the tyrannosapien!
Lol jk but I like the idea. Maybe you have to battle the poachers in a fist fight lol


This is why I throw ideas out so people can throw “darts” at them. Yea, maybe shooting darts at poachers may not be good for the kids. So, Yea, the poachers can have their own pet random dinosaurs and you get coins and a certain amount of their dino DNA for taking them down in a battle.


Shooting people with darts could be a big nono.

Maybe shoot their CARS with GPS trackers is a good idea. Same principle, they just drive away.


Maybe they have hunting dinos that they use to find and help kill others


Are there enough spawns now for some to disappear due to a new mini game?