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Dinosaur Relationship Map

Hi, I’m trying to build a thing that will allow people to simply input their existing dna/ coins and will then calculate visually what their next hybrid/ unique should be rather than keep having to go back and forth in the dino deck. I need an up to date list of every root dinosaur that shows what it can fuse into. I’ve had a good google and there doesn’t seem to be anything out there and I don’t really want to have to go into every creature individually to work it out manually. It would also be good to know at what level the creatures need to be to start fusing. So for example:

(E) Anykylosaurus L15+ (E) Kentrosaurus L15= (L) Anykntrosaurus, (L) Anykntrosaurus L20 + (E) Kentrosaurus L20= (U) Trykosaurus

Although it is probably easier to start with the unique and work backwards from there. So:

(U) Ardentismaxima= (L) Ardontosaurus L20 (= (R) Argentinosaurus L15 + (E) Secondontosaurus L15) + (E) Brachiosaurus L20

Can anyone help?