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Dinosaur Repetition, Events


Hey Guys,

I am an old player of you, being a big fan of JWA Alive.

I am writing you a small notice: Since months we have the same dinosaurs over and over again during the weekly events. As an example: some rares such as Irritator did not show up since September…

It would be also nicer if the incubator dinosaurs would change because Alanqa and Stygimoloch make no sense anymore to push. There are other special epics to give.

In my oppinion it would be the wish for many many players to make more diversity, also in order to develop our dinosaurs and hybrids. Basically since weeks I cannot really upgrade my dinosaurs because there is no material for it and of course the other alliance members also save their small resources.

I would kindly suggest you to take these notices under consideration.

With Kind Greetings