Dinosaur Reworks: Scaphotator

As you may know, there are many dinosaurs in need of reworks. Because of this, I will explain whats wrong with them and how we could fix it. Let’s start off with Scaphotator.

Scaphotator is a hybrid of Diplotator (Diplocaulus and Irritator Gen 2) and Scaphognagthus.

Abilities - Fierce Strike, Distracting Impact, Minor Swoop, Emergency Heal, Swap In Wound.

Pros: Good speed. That’s pretty much it.
Cons: Low Damage, Low Health, relies on bleed to deal damage. Relies on heal to survive. No resistances.

Now, we CAN fix it. Heres what it should be:


First of all, it needs distraction to survive and Daring Strike and Restricted Group Distraction help with this. Greater Group Heal makes it more viable in raids (although RGD already helps with it too) while the Cleansing Swoop let’s it escape resilients while still being able to deal damage. No Escape Strike helps to bind targets and to protect itself from Swappers (Wounding, Stunning, and Raw On Escape) and Reduce Damage resistance (Which comes from Diplocaulus) helps it keep dealing damage.

What do you think about this rework?
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Maybe just no escape for the on escape move.

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As someone who loves Saphotator. I love this rework.