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Dinosaur + Sanctuary Bug

Quick Question for Ludia:

Is there a possible way to fix the spawn variable for Dinosaurs in game so that they don’t spawn on top of Sanctuaries???
I bloody hate it when an Epic creature spawns, but I can’t get to it because it spawned on top of a sanctuary and thus it constantly opens up the Sanctuary box instead of the Dinosaur box.

And also, does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?


Happens all the time, try reloading the app or swipe up on your phone. This will reload the map and you’ll be able to get the epic creature as sanctuaries appear last on the map

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Happens to me as well… I find zooming out the the map to the max and looking down on it (Birdseye View) helps separate the two and makes it easier. Give that a try!! :slight_smile:

I get it a lot although on occasion if I swap screen/tab and back again, sometimes it moves to just outside the sanctuary or as it appears before the sanctuary does you can tap it if you are quick enough.

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I live near a sanctuary, and often creatures appears on top of the building. And when I try to open up to catch dna, I can’t reach them! Very frustrating. When I try to I get into the sanctuary.

I’ve missed out so many good ones…

I live right on top of a sanctuary, which is fine but, every time I drop a scent I get dinos spawning in it that I can’t get because the map thinks I want to enter the sanctuary! It’s soooooo annoying and seems like something that should of been fixed a long time ago. Anyone else??

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I have the same issue. This used to be an issue with strike towers way back when, not sure why they won’t fix this the same way they did that

I hate this too :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Think how I feel. I am confined and my house is on top of a sanctuary. And it is always next to a tower to make it more complicated… Most turtles I can’t catch them.
Furthermore, that sanctuary has been there since the start of a pandemic. Some exemples :