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Dinosaur sin bin / rest stop after arena battles

This is what the game really needs as soon as it can be implemented or instigated into the normal game play where opponents face each other in the battle arena’s or in tournaments.
To put it simply currently we have a team of just 8 dinosaurs that we can choose from when doing battles to use against opponents in an attempt to outsmart / out think / triumph against.
If this ratio is increased to a maximum level of 12 dinosaurs for our chosen dinosaurs teams then this new battle strategy can be introduced with little or no fuss at all and would be a very welcome change for every last player of the game.
In short the following would occur after battle play has been finished / ended against your chosen opponent your team of dinosaurs that you have just used / competed with are temporarily retired to a rest area / sin bin when they cannot be used again until all remaining dinosaurs in your current team roster have also been used in battle.
You first battle with a team of 4 dino’s and after the battle they are placed in the rest area and a fresh batch / new team of 4 dino’s are introduced into the game instead, once they too have battled they are also placed in the rest area / sin bin and the remaining 4 dino’s you have left are then brought into play at the end of which the first 4 dino’s or any of the 8 dino’s in the rest area / sin bin you played with are then brought back into the arena’s to be used again basically repeating the cycle all over again but with a randomizing factor tossed in you would not get the same mix every time ( the rest area is capable of holding up to a maximum of 8 dino’s at any one time ) this would give the games AI the choice of selecting which 4 dino’s would then be released back to the player to use in upcoming battles etc.
In a situation like this opposing players would not be faced with getting RAT baited… again and again or THOR scrambled by high hitting near OP dino’s thereby allowing for a more fair game play for all concerned reducing the game back to general basics where you have to outsmart / out think your opponents because you will not / do not know which of his remaining dinosaurs will appear next to fight in battles against you.
To make it even more fairer to everyone concerned a sliding scale could also be introduced where you would have to constantly update your dinosaur teams with replacement dinosaurs from your dino - dex ( dinosaurs that you have created / have available from your list of dinosaurs that you have leveled up / created since you first started playing the game. this would introduce completely new teams to the game in general if it constantly flows then your opponent would always be kept on their toes not knowing what is going to come at them next time you face off in the battle arena’s.!.
It would also stop point blank high ranking players running rough shod ( ruling the roost so to speak ) over the game by using totally OP dinosaurs against every player that comes their way if everything was reduced to ground zero ( back to basics ) in the game it would breathe fresh air into a much loved game that everyone has been asking for since way back at V1.3 of the game.!.
In short no more 8 member dinosaur teams it would now become 12 dinosaurs instead with a random factor put in place where you would have to constantly change out your dinosaur team and bring in new dinosaurs all the time, this would give all players the opportunity of using every last dinosaur they have in their current roster of created dinosaurs at some time or stage of the game bringing back the FUN ELEMENT / excitement of the game like it used to be in the good old days when this game was first introduced / released to players world wide in general.
Thoughts .?. ideas.?. comments .?. input.?. any would be most welcome but i am asking nicely do not use abusive comments or disparaging remarks ( rude comments about this topic ) if you want to do that then i highly suggest that you either keep your comments off this post or at the very least if you have a problem with what i am suggesting then please by all means keep it civil and within the forum rules as stated / set out by LUDIA in the main forum section thanks.
Kind regard
JoeVolcano27 :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
J.C. moderator this is for you do you have any input/ ideas on this new topic that you could comment on or perhaps express your opinion about thanks as i consider your input most valuable indeed because i have noticed that you have the time & patience to look at potential posts like this in depth and in greater detail than most members / players do.?.

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