Dinosaur skins


In arenas above jurassic ruins, many dinosaurs are not useable and what we see in every battle are mostly legendary and unique hybrids. It’s unfortunate but understandable because in a game, there will be some strong dinosaurs and some weak ones. As the game proceeds, non-hybridized dinosaurs are appearing less frequently.

Would it be a good idea if the game has a skin system for dinosaurs to wear?

For instance, if I love to use Blue the movie star, but I’m in an arena where she is not useable or I don’t have her at a decent level, I can put a ‘skin’ on another dinosaur with similar animation set (ex. Pyrritator or Utasinoraptor from raptor family). The dinosaur with the ‘blue skin’ will still have the stats and move sets from the original dinosaur, but will inherit the name and appearance from the movie star Blue.