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Dinosaur Sound Effects

Okay so, I’ve been playing a lot of Jurassic world alive lately, and I’ve come to adore the sounds the dinosaurs make (especially Spinos and Indominus Rex) however when trying to find files of these sounds, I can barely ever find any.
Is their a way I can get said sound effects or am I not allowed too? And does Ludia have any plans of releasing these sound effects to the public?

Again my dearest apologies for the way I write.

you datamine?

I do not, nor do I know how to or if I’m even allowed too.

I used a screen recorder app to capture the roars you get when you tap on a dinosaur in your collection. I then transferred the video file to my computer, played the sounds, and used Total Recorder audio editing software to make an mp3 file to use as a ringtone.

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