Dinosaur sounds


This has been a little nitpick ive had for a while, but I’m interested in hearing your guy’s opinion. When I first started playing this game, most of the dinosaurs I first started catching, the first time I heard their roars and grunts, I was amazed by how they sounded. The roar from the Suchiomimus, the roar from the Tarbosaurus, the growl from Majungasaurus, the call of the Apatosaurus, they all sounded amazing, so for me, I was very curious and kept thinking what all of the other dinosaurs were going to sound like. And, I grew to become very disappointed that every group of dinosaur, all sounded exactly the same. I was waiting to hear that epic Spinosaurus roar from JP3, the high pitched calls from the triceratops or that original Allosaurus roar that was in the game trailer, but ive never heard anything different other than the generic sounds from the dinosaurs you first obtain. The same thing with the hybrids, I was hoping their sounds would be a little mixed or distorted, like I was imaging the Utahsinoraptor to have a raptor call that’s very low pitched. I really hope that Ludia will update the dinosaurs so that all of them have their own distinct sound effect. They probably won’t but that would be very cool.


Short answer to your query:

It would take up more space than necessary to add specific sounds for certain dinos, or to even create them from scratch. Less space taken means a faster game that can still fit on most phones.

I know what you mean, though. Tany uses the raptor sounds, as does dilo. It can get a little annoying, but i usually end up overlooking it, as it doesn’t break the game.


to be honest, the first couple of dinos got me thinking, “damn this is so much better than pogo” since the roars and sounds matches the dinos instead of the weird screeches in pogo instead of them calling their own name.

then i played all my games with sound off, and i didn’t notice that late game dino have the same sounds. I do show my young son the dinos with the sound on, so would appreciate the correct sound when using AR and in the dinodex.


Yeah it does make sense in that regard. I’m not an expert nor do I have any experience in making a game, but there’s a lot that goes into it that even the tiniest detail makes up data and size.


Probably a lot of people play with sound off - I certainly do (e.g. would irritate my fellow bus passengers if sound was on!)


Hi Isaac,

Not a bad suggestion at all! We would love to have a distinct roar for every creature in the game, the only thing stopping our Developers is how heavy the game will become. Hope this makes sense to you!


Using the actual resonating chamber inside it’s head, scientists have cracked the code of what Para really sounded like…


Scientists also discovered a lot about what the T-Rex sounded like, and it’s unsettling.


they are all the same became thats the dna drone call warning…


I think the repeated sounds that escalate in pitch are more like the scientists testing the range of the Para’s resonating chamber.


Yeah, i’ve seen a lot of this guy’s videos. I kind of wish i didn’t watch the velociraptor video, because it ruined my image of turtles forever. :joy::joy::joy::joy: