Dinosaur spawning rigged?


I recently got my majungosaurus to lvl 4 , with only 8 dna points to get him to lvl 5,so i can get a hybrif dinosaur, but i cant find any majungosaurus wherever i look, does this happen to other people as well?


I believe that dino is only available at night (i am thinking 8pm-8am from what i have seen).


Ok,gotcha. Im going to hunt it down.


I’m in the same boat, a lot of my walking is during the day and while I see a LOT of them spawning past 9pm, I’m much less inclined to go out looking for them at that hour. :stuck_out_tongue: I get the odd straggler during the day, but definitely need more.


I have posted this else where along with other people but here is an article detailing the spawn mechanics of the game