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Dinosaur stories I: When the chickens dominated the earth

  • My dear grandchildren, I’ll explain the story of when this valley was dominated by a chicken.
  • For a chicken grandfather? Surely you lie to us !!
  • No, my sons, not long ago when the most powerful creature in the valley was a scrawny chicken. It appeared around here when the valley was dominated by Trex and Gorgosuchus …
  • Gorgosuchus is that ugly dog ​​that you have retired guarding the sheep?
  • The same … but continued … the first Monomimus, that was the name of the chicken appeared in the valley and we all laughed at him … but the laughter lasted little. The chicken theoretically had to evade 50% of the time, but it almost always evaded us. His blow is not that it was very strong but hit us again and again giving ridiculous jumps to kill our best creatures. In addition, it had all the powers to which a dino can aspire (speed, immunity, it was anti-effects and, therefore, anti-shields etc). The Trex, the gorgosuchus, even the first tragodistis and stegodeus fell to their almost divine power … and celebrated with their jumps. When you saw one appear on the battlefield you knew that the battle was lost and that only a miracle could save you. Suddenly the valley was divided into two, those who had a Monomimus and those who did not have it and your grandfather was the latter.
  • And what did you do grandfather?
  • As this Second group we divided in two. Some, like your grandfather, fought for the powerful and scarce DNA of Monolophosauro until they got the precious chicken. Others who thought they could never have the devil’s chicken went looking for an antidote and found it in the half-brother of the chicken, the Monostegotops. Only the millionaires could have both, so the valley began to divide between those who had Monomimus and those who had Monostegotops. Those who did not have either of the two used strategies that sometimes worked. Some entrusted the mission to kill the chicken to the weak but very fast Tanycolagreus others put themselves in the hands of overlevel Stegodeus that tried to reach the chicken from time to time while it was hitting them without mercy.
  • What happened next, Grandpa?
  • The first thing that happened is that as the monomimus became popular it was lowering its quality. They no longer eluded the coup 80% of the time, but their rate approached 50% theoretical. He was no longer an unbeatable beast, although he went from being the dominator of the valley to simply being a great champion.
  • And where is your grandfather chicken, we’ve never seen it!
  • He’s been retired for months. He is sick like all the chickens and it is no longer good for battle.
  • All the chickens? What happened?
  • Well, it happened that the battles had become tedious. All teams had a monomimus and one or more anti-monomimus. Then, the gods living in the territories of North America decided that this should change and they sent the meteorite V1.5. Many said that it was an anti-stegodeus meteorite, but the great victim was the chicken when he got the chicken flu, which reduced his health to a great extent.
  • And the chickens died grandfather?
  • They did not die but they fell like flies in the fights and they disappeared from the teams. Some farmers used them as a feed for the new beasts, with Triko at the head. Others like me, although they were not too fond of him, simply left him in some corner in case some day the gods eliminated the flu from the chicken, although he preferred that this did not happen.
  • And what happened to the Monostegotops grandfather?
  • Well, it happened that without an enemy to beat, they also disappeared from the teams. Although they were still useful against some enemies, their main objective had disappeared and they also disappeared. The tany also almost died out. Interestingly, being free of natural enemies, some over-grazed chickens are still seen on the battlefields.
  • Poor chicken !
  • Well yes, the most humiliating thing for him was that in some of the best teams he was replaced by the one that until now was the worst dino in the valley, the Dracorex Gen 2. From being little more than food for beasts it became one of the most coveted beasts thanks to the superpowers that the meteorite gave him. Anyway, we all knew and we know that superpowers will disappear when the gods of the north want.
  • You explain a lot about this, Grandpa?
  • No, it really happened recently and now the farmers are spending time in more fun fights and more variety of fighters waiting for the announced meteorite V1.6 can change the order again.