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Dinosaur Suggestion

Stegosaurus Gen 2 ??

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Hmmmm…Stegosaurus Gen 2 would be nice as a legendary


Much better allosaurus gen 2 with correct model first, then other dinos :smiley:

i would like to have carcharodontosaurus in the game

I would like to see new reef and snow creatures. As well as new reef and snow hybrids

I would like to see Troodon Gen 2 :crazy_face:
In all seriously new reefs, whales like Basilosaurus or Doradon, and Compies or Coelophysis, two of my favourite dinos look at those faces, if we do get them I hope they will have different animations and have a pack ( like in JWA and ofc in real life )

I would love to see some new reefs. I think new reefs should be nothosaurs, small ichtyosaurs, ancient whales and seals

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U know I wanted a pterosaur strongest hybrid and say like tupuxuara+darwinoptrerus= darwinoxuara
Darwinoxuara stats
Lvl 10

  • 2901 ///1357
    Lvl 20
  • 5789 ///2671
    Lvl 30
  • 8099 ///3999
    Lvl 40
  • 11056 ///5199
    How is that it would help in the game right