Dinosaur suggestions


There are a lot of these suggestions but I went the extra mile here

How this dinosaur is not already in game baffles me because its been in the movies and is in JW Evolution however Proceratosaurus is in the game ? Definitely would like to see this Iconic dinosaur in game.

Also an Iconic dinosaur from the movies but should definite be in the game as a speedy quick hitter.

A unique dinosaur who could use some spotlight

Debuting in JW evolution I think it would be an awesome dinosaur perhaps the slowest dinosaur in JW Alive but a harder hitter than even T rex.

There are a few Therzinosaurs in game but this is the most known one and the biggest therzinosaurs . Could play differently to other therzinosaurs.

An interesting dinosaur that would make for some hybrids

We have had some terrestrial crocodiles what about a terrestrial plesiosaurs

The dinosaur bird would make a nice fit as it could be speedy but also be similar to a raptor in many aspects.


Cool suggestion, I only wished devs would look more at their forums because it seems everything written here is wasted time. I never see any of them commenting unless it’s something that involves payment issues…


Good suggestions, though while Archeopteryx is a personal favourite of mine I can’t suspend enough disbelief that an arm-length bird-lizard that weighs less than a small melon is going to do anything of note to a Utahraptor, to say nothing of the non-existent damage to an Argentinosaurus, T-Rex, or other giant. :wink:


Rofl. I totally agreed with our assessment… been running through the threads, reading what the players had posted and there’s definitely a serious lack of participation from the game mods / devs which is such a pity coz a lot of the players here really bother with the game…


game is gonna die real fast if they don’t react to the playerbase, especially with evolution out just now…