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Dinosaur that deserves a gene 2, my list

Ankylosaurus (epic)

Carnotaurus (epic)
Majungasaurus (super rare)
Hutaraptor (epic)
Spinosaur (epic)
Giganotosaurus (epic)
Argentinosaur (epic)

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This is for Jurassic world tmthe game, not Jurassic world Alive or Evolution

How can you draw so well on computer?

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Thanks but I drew on an app on the phone.

And these ideas are for Jurassic World the game

Epic isn’t a rarity comparison in Jurassic world the game

epic drawings!

what is the name of the state superior to the legendary.

There are none
Legendary is the highest

well, I will invent the name, ordinary, rare, super rare, legendary, super legendary and ultra legendary

I think you mean tournament rarity and VIP rarity.

Common is ordinary

Yeah that’s it @Antwan , I still prefer my name.

we need Allosaure gen2 ,stegosaure gen2 and stegoceratops gen 2

yes it’s a good idea, I hope that allosaur gen 2 would know more beautiful …

Legendary is divided into 3 categories
Normal legendaries
Tournament legendaries(only unlockable by Tournaments or COT (Clash of Titans))
VIP legendaries(only unlockable by VIP membership

Ok @Dimetrocarnus

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You can’t unlock VIPs

ho poop then! I dream of a level 40 stygimoloch.:sob::sob::sob:

You can only unlock them if your VIP