Dinosaur unlocks when do high level parks get to unlock commons or rares?

I’ve been playing for just over 2 months.

I’m missing a ton of unlocks and my park is in the mid 50s as of today.

When I look at the current schedule of events for unlocks, it is typically like this:
Levels 8-34 common unlock (sometimes rare)
Levels 35-59 super rare
Levels 60+ legendary (or other high super rare)

When will commons rotate to the higher level parks?

I looked at the schedule further in the past and it typically didn’t have the tiered park level unlocks until sometime last fall (2019).

I’m fearing that since I’m above the 8-19, 8-35, etc level threshold, I won’t see common or rares anymore.

And, as I approach level 60, I might not see some of the super rares either?


Ludia said that eventually all dino’s rotate through all tiers, so we have to be patient.

There was actually a week where there were a bunch of lower level unlocks offered to all players, I feel like it was a month ago?

Ludia said they will rotate the unlocks including the common and rare creatures.

Cool, thanks guys! I was trying to look for a pattern, and maybe I don’t have enough data for it yet. :slight_smile:

Do we have any idea how long a rotation will be? Meaning, if i miss an unlock next week, I have to wait out “20 week” rotation until it show up in the following “20 week” rotation?

Here is the week I was referring to. Which was the first time they offered a week like this since starting this type of park level bracketed events.

Based on having the petro from Monday unlocked, I would have been in the 8-34 group that week. Likely less than 30 as I don’t have most of those unlocks. Could have been a great week for me with where my park is now.