Dinosaur usage at 3300-3500 trophies


This is a quick tally I’ve made of the dinosaurs I’ve faced over the last 49 battles (which despite using various teams variations I had a 50/50 win rate thanks to rng so I didnt move much through arena) showing how often each was used and which one they started with.

Edit: I’ve decided to keep updating this as I battle, so the numbers may go up every now and then


That’s really interesting, and a good idea…I should do a similar tally of the creatures I’ve been facing…


Impressive! Thanks for posting/sharing!


It started as I was trying to figure out my best team composition now I’ve got about 12 dinosaurs with good arguments for being on my team, so I was doing 10 battles with each permutation and also recording what dinosaurs were being used and led with to try and help figure my best team. It turned out pointless however since I had an exactly 50/50 split on wins and losses. My next goal will be to record the number of crits, stuns and dodges over a given number of games, and if I can how often the team roll was decisive.


Thanks, I may make an updated one in a few days or so with more battles since 40 isnt really that many, but already you kind of see how the top 3 basically dominate and the rest are kind of just extras filling in the teams.


Nice post! Thanks for sharing


You’re welcome! And yep, I can definitely see the patterns there! It also jumps right out that T-Rex seems to be by far the most popular non-hybrid at your stage, but you really don’t see him leading. Interesting.


She is a bad dinosaur to lead with; yes she has crazy high damage and is a tank-buster, but she’s so slow the opposing dinosaur will almost certainly outspeed and if its strong enough 2-shot her before she can get a rampage off. Even if she wins that matchup she’ll be outsped for an easy kill next turn. Its better to save her to either kill a tank like stegodeus or amargocephalus or get that last, major hit knowing you can almost certainly survive one hit to get an impact off, and at lvl 15 that’s a guaranteed 1509 damage with a 30% chance of a crit. I used t-rex up until the end of this load of battles and have now taken her off, because unfortunately she’s too situational and can still lose a matchup against a high level stegodeus.


Nice work! I love this kind of thing!

I am bouncing between 35xx-36xx, maybe that Sucotator was mine :sweat_smile: I like to open with her if I have also Tany on my fab four.

Keep us updated!

PS I think the crit stats will not be so useful (and I am one of the crazy people who made a spreadsheet with all the amount of dna rewarded on the arena incubators, divided by dino and by arena… :flushed: ) cause they are Rng and you can’t use them as benchmark, unless you are manage to see which dino give you that stuns / crits and adding the percentage of possibility, like for example a crit that give a T-Rex is 30% so you know this can happen more often than one made with v-raptor.


Would you be willing to make one with other folks data?

Id really just love to see some community built database with a web interface that allows us to enter this data.

Or a google doc i guess.

And would it be possible to tecord levels? Or is that too much effort?

Anyway, super cool!!


I wouldnt be opposed to the idea of combining the data from multiple people, in fact it would probably help create a clearer picture. They would have to be people in the same general area of arena though; since team composition changes across ranks. Below me for instance there are probably a lot fewer stegodeus and indominus since people havent unlocked them yet, and when they do they tend to rise to higher ranks, and at my level there are no uniques, or at least none that I’ve seen, that would be more prevalent at higher levels. So a collective dataset from 3000-4000 trophies wouldnt really be very informative to people at certain points of that ladder.

As for levels; those would have to go on another chart I think. I cant see how I would fit them onto the current graph format.


How is this awesome Dino last?


The required gallimimus is locked above 4k trophies op is recording 3.4k -3.5k range


Im going to have to delevel and rectify this injustice. :smiling_imp:


Lol he is overkill at that trophy lvl


Simple; most people who have it get to much higher rankings than I am at. And I hesitate to call that ‘awesome’ it’s an rng gimmick. In any other game it would be mediocre at best, Ludia just loves getting people to play rng for no reason.

And please dont ‘delevel’, it’s really not fun for us who dont have those high level dinosaurs when people like you deliberately lower yourselves so you can stomp us.


It’s no gimmick. It’s also fast. Immune to debuff. Reduces damage for 2 turns unlike the 1 turn a raptors pounce does. Evade is just icing on the cake.


Unneccessary ‘icing’, just more rng ludia didnt need to put into the game


I actually don’t mind it if they use low-level dinos to work their way down. That way, we actually stomp them before they stomp us, and it kind of balances out in the grand scheme of the game. Some people are actually quite considerate and/or efficient. I’m almost to the 4th arena and sometimes see teams made entirely of Level 1s-3s. :joy:


Well I must be at the point in arena where thy’ve stopped dropping then because I never see low level teams