Dinosaur walking inside building, deflected dart


I launch my drone on one of those big crocodile ones, and I got 2 good hits, but then it fled “inside” a building and kept walking in the building. The darts hit the building instead of the dinosaur, I presume, because my next 3-4 shots were all deflected even tho they were direct hits in the circle.

Building glitch
3D buildings?

@Skarp, thanks for pointing this out. Had no idea that could happen. Some of those on my map are standing on a building. Possibly that’s in a building. Wonder how to tell the difference from map or drone? :thinking:


I don’t know if others are facing this issue but there are certain times when using the drone to get Dinos where the Dinosaur will enter behind building but instead of the building becoming transparent the building will stay solid and you loose sight of the dinosaur. It’s very frustrating especially when you’re trying to hit Rare Dinos that don’t pop up that often.


@Skarp, @XxRexyQueenxX says that the buildings cost the creatures taking them out of view, please correct if I’m misquoting you. Is that happening to you as well? If you can’t see the creature why keep sending darts??


I don’t keep sending darts once I see I can not see or find the Dinosaur I just let the timer or the battery run out it’s like on some instances when they run the building will vanish you can see them but in this instance the building is solid and the Dinosaur just vanishes and you can’t find it with the drone


@XxRexyQueenxX, thank you. Since you had indicated that the creature was hidden by the bidding I was asking @Skarp if the same thing happened and why darts were being wasted if so. With your second comment, it seems that a number of different things may happen when buildings are involved.


@PaulJWA-NB For me the building was transparent. I could see the dino. But I have come up with another thing that could have been the bug, the circle could have been placed at the wrong place on the dino. The area where the darts were supposed to hit might have been somewhere else on the dino. Meaning the hitbox and the graphics where in different places. But I can’t verify anything, only that everything looked normal and the darts where deflected on the circle.


@Skarp, sorry it took so long but I think I’ve found the solution. I’m using an iPad so I have no idea how it would work or look on other platforms, hopefully similar.

Some shapes on map are flat others are raised. Dino’s will often go for shapes of either kind. You can tell if you can hit it or not by whether the center circle is white or shaded. There may be areu off each at the same time. You can hit the white areas. If your aim is not that good you can wait for it in a gap or on the other side of the obstacles. On others it will walk on top and the circle stays white. Sometimes you can get the dino to go away from the shape of you tag it while on the way, others it keeps trying to hide.

Please let me know if this was helpful or not and if you get different results.

Have fun!!!