Dinosaur Warriors United is recruiting

We have Space for active players in Dinosaur Warriors United. We require our members to join our discord server, complete 10 takedowns in weekend Tournaments and abide by our Sanctuary Rules. What you get in Return is 2 level 20 Sanctuaries to FIP, voting for Dinos in the sanctuaries, and sub 30 hour sanctuary builds. We also have weekly Mission reward of 7/9, however the last 2 weeks we have actually been 7/10, and alliance championship rewards of tier 8. We are looking for daily active players who are eligible for tournaments. We are a family friendly Alliance that is pretty active in raids. Please DM fruitloopone#7867 on discord if you are interested.

We Currently have space for one more player.

Due to a few players missing tournaments we have space again this week. We currently have 3 level 20 sanctuaries and are looking for everyday players on discord that will complete their 10 takedowns every weekend and who will not place dinos in the shared sanctuaries. We are otherwise pretty relaxed with a friendly and fairly active discord group.