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Dinosaurs and their colors

Alright! So, being the nerd I am, I hopped on the opportunity to watch a new show on Netflix called Dancing with the birds, in this documentary it shows the crazy things certain male species of birds need to do in hopes of getting a mate. Many of these birds have very beautiful and colorful plumes, cool looking crests, and tail feathers.

It got me thinking, could you imagine if dinosaurs had these kinds of color schemes? Or do some of the weird mating displays these birds do? A lot of the birds were stunning like the flame bowerbird:

Or this Guianan Cock of the Rock, which has a very interesting mating display

Males gather in groups on the forest floor, when females show up, they’ll present their rear ends and do a little hop.

Could you imagine a group of Trex with their bums facing a female and just doing little hops for her attention? :rofl:

Its a good show, commentary is great and its educational. Nice way of seeing our modern day dinosaurs and their colors. Maybe could be references to some hybrids in the future? :o.


I know the dilophosaurus probably didn’t have the frill, but the JP ones showing off their frills as a display like a peacock would be fun to see.
Or to hear the Erlikos sing.
I could see the Utahraptor hop around displaying its plumage.


I was thinking about Utah. That would be a sight to see, or some of the smaller raptors.

Since we don’t know for sure, who’s to say dinosaurs didn’t have such color patterns. The most easiest ones to see for me would be the medium herbivore like trikes. Nice bright color on the frill.
Some even believe that Trex had some form of feathers, tho in a limited area.
I could go on an on, but I should let others share some ideas as well.

I also like the realistic recreations of their noises, Trex “likely” made a low thrum noise and not a roar. Nothing is more scary then a 40ft nearly silent death machine wandering about

Wasn’t it a scavenger though? It would probably just run away if it saw a car.

No, the scavenger theory was debunked a long time ago. Any predator will scavenge but it hunted

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It just looks weird that something with tiny hands that could fall over if whacked by a stegosaur or something (whatever lived during its time) could hunt regularly. The proof they had for it being predatory was a tooth stuck in another dinosaur’s tail, that dinosaur presumably having survived the encounter long enough for the bone to heal around the tooth.

Yes but Jack Horner put forth the scavenger theory and it was almost immediately scoffed at by the paleontologist community. I’ve read a lot of studies about Rex’s leg strength and how it would’ve actually been among the most quick and agile theropods based on muscle mass. Think of it this way, Rex had short arms but large ground birds have no arms and are deadly predators


I don’t know any living predatory flightless birds (cassowary is an omnivore that uses its claws to attack I don’t know if Rex would be able to jump over large stuff and claw it at its size. It doesn’t have a pointy beak either. It has a strong jaw force but the main thing that could be a disadvantage to it is that it has to both put its mouth over the creature it was hunting, and maintain balance same time. Unless it hunted small stuff no bigger than its head, but the small creatures would probably be faster. Would probably be able to hunt the weaker of large herd creatures that fall behind and don’t put up much of a fight though.

I just imagine a Rex kinda tumbling forward if it messed up its balance.


Weren’tt Trex’s arms muscular?

From a nature perspective it clearly worked however it hunted, that size would require it to hunt and scavenge in order to survive. I would love to see dinos in action, we will obviously never KNOW anything but these animals ruled the world for millions of years so it worked

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Everyone’s talking about TRex and it being a scavenger or not, while I’m over here still wondering why a bird is named Cock of the Rock.


When you got small tiny arms, you make up for it with strong powerful jaws. Arms are overrated. :wink::t_rex:

I for one would love to see a T-Rex mating dance. Lol

I am super fascinated watching this with birds and even spiders. I came across a video on You Tube about the mating dance of a tiny peacock spider.

I think this is my new favorite thing and I don’t even like spiders. Lol :spider:

I tend to like my dinosaurs non feathered (whether this is correct or not), but maybe they can have feathers that fan out like a peacock for the ultimate surprise. :sweat_smile::peacock:


Maybe because it best resembles a rooster? I believe male roosters are even referred to as cocks.

Here’s a female version of the same bird.

I read online that they like to build their nests on rocky areas. So maybe it’s a combination of those two things.


I think it looks more like it has an orange slice on it head than a rooster. :laughing:

They’re very interesting birds, they sound a little funny as well.


lol, I watched Dancing with the birds yesterday

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I enjoyed watching it very much. :slight_smile: