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Dinosaurs at my door


Went to let the dogs inside and noticed some extra company at my back door.

They know its almost feeding time before I lock thenlm up for the night. Lol


Now we just need mini JWA dino holograms running around in the real world an there we are, dinosaurs at our door :wink:

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It sucks my phone isn’t ar compatible. I’d throw in my Ankylocodon or something between them. Lol


Yeah, same here, I was gutted when I AR came into it all and I couldn’t do it…

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Pretty dogs btw :slight_smile:

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Love that part in Jurassic Park.
Thank you! They’re my babies.


What breed are they? Also do you think that Volunteer Kid is Owen Grady?

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Black one is a German Shepherd, his name is Apollo.
The brindle is a American Staffordshire, Dutch Shepherd, Husky, Dalmatian mix. A mouth full, I know. Rofl. Her name is Athena.

Eh, its doubtful. I don’t think he is.


I love that they’re just hanging out like Bros

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They’re definitely a good- looking pair! I can relate to dogs being my babies; I have 2 black Labradors who are absolutely precious to me

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They started doing this about two weeks ago. Lol

@bates5919 Aww, love Blabs.