Dinosaurs Disappeared


This is starting to be bull crap. I was chasing a Te-rex epic and when I was getting ready to launch my drone and it disappeared. What’s the point of catching dinosaurs when you get close to it disappeared. I don’t see how that is right.


The creature despawned, it has a timer until it refreshes and spawns another Dino, it means you took too long. I saw a concavenator just out of reach and when I started to get ready it despawned, and I have 146 DNA for it from the event, so this was a massive disappointment to me.


Not 100 percent certain but I think if you tap on it while you are a distance away it my keep it from despawning as long as you keep an eye on the distance as you approach just launch the drone when you feel you are close enough!

Again don’t hold me to this but it’s what I always do with a spawn I really want.