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Dinosaurs Global: DIRECTORY

This is a directory of all my Dinosaur Global episodes. Check back annually to see if any new episodes have been released!

Season One
Dinosaur Global: Janenschia
Dinosaurs Global: Poekilopleuron
Dinosaurs Global: Fruitadens
Season Two
Dinosaurs Global: Minmi
Dinosaurs Global: Huehuecanauhtlus
Dinosaurs Global: Utahceratops
Season Three
Dinosaurs Global: Equijubus
Dinosaurs Global: Scipionyx, Tianyulong, Erketu


by altispinax do you mean becklespinax altispinax?
Later researchers considered Altispinax a nomen dubium because the single tooth was undiagnostic. No relationship could be proven between the tooth and the vertebrae. The vertebrae were therefore given a new name in 1988 by Gregory Paul. Paul considered them to represent a possible new species of Acrocanthosaurus , which he named Acrocanthosaurus? altispinax . The specific name was deliberately made identical to the old generic name, to emphasize that both referred to the vertebrae.[8] As indicated by the question mark, Paul himself was uncertain about this assignment. For this reason, in 1991 a new genus, Becklespinax , was named for the vertebrae by George Olshevsky, in honour of the original discoverer, Beckles. The new combination name of the type species Acrocanthosaurus? altispinax thus became Becklespinax altispinax .[9] The species names Altispinax altispinax [10][11] and Altispinax lydekkerhueneorum [12] are its junior objective synonyms.
source: wikipedia

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what about becklespinax…?

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