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Dinosaurs Global: FRUITADENS

Artist: Rebbeca Dart


The Fruitadens was… puny! At a length of 2ft and a weight of 2 pounds this thing was microscopic compared to other dinosaurs that lived around it such as the allosaurus and diplodocus. In fact this dinosaur is so unbelievably small it’s the smallest of every ornithischian that ever walked the planet! The Fruitadens was discovered in Colorado in the 1970s but the dinosaur was officially alive 130-150 million years ago. It was also one of the key dinosaurs that supported feathered dinosaurs and was one of the first known feathered Dino’s. Now all answer the elephant in the room, did the Fruitadens eat fruit? No, sadly no fruits were existing in the Jurassic period so the Fruitadens had to stick with small vegetation. :frowning: Now please take an important survey about which fruit the Fruitadens would most enjoy!

Which fruit would the Fruitadens most enjoy?
  • Apple
  • Plum
  • Orange
  • Other ideas? Type in the comments

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Season one of Dinosaurs Global is coming to a close :cry: but here are some beautiful recreations of the dinosaurs mentioned in the series. Made by Cheeseeater, Dinoboy and ME

Designer: Cheeseeater

Artist/Designer: Dinoboy

Artist: MINMI


¡Its so cute!

Thank you! :grinning:

I would say it would likely go for all of the fruits, however, Fruitadens would likely eat the apple first, as it has the highest energy content of the fruits.

That makes sense. I would have chosen the Apple, but I needed test if my survey worked so I accidentally did plum. :face_vomiting:

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You can change your vote

How do you change your vote?

I learned!


Click on show vote, and it lets you select something else

Here is my fruitadens

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I would do with healing rampage x.5 and for Heal and run 1x. That is just too little attack for heals to be low. Also, maybe have a 2 turn delay instead on heal and run

10 carac

Just a suggestion. Don’t need to change it if you like it.

Great Work! Healing rampage seems very powerful, I like it :smiley:

I made this as a suggestion for PoT,where I made it a burrower capable of being a powerful foe to anything its size and/or very slightly bigger,with great stamina and good speed but meh stam regen


That’s a very interesting concept Erlikdom!

(stats from cheeseeater)



I’d say peaches would be the third fruit I give the Fruitadens.