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The Huehuecanauhtlus was a moderately sized hadrosaur. This dinosaur is closely related to the eolambia, another average sized hadrosaur. The Huehuecanauhtlus would have lived in Mexico 65 million years ago and scientists think that it lived at the time of the asteroid collision. The sad part of this is the poor Huehuecanauhtlus was located in/close to the site of the asteroid collision, so the whole population of Huehuecanauhtlus probably died at around the same time. Now take part in a interesting survey about your knowledge on the Huehuecanauhtlus:

  • I had no idea this Dino existed before I read this post
  • I did know this Dino existed before I read this post

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If you did know then explain where you learned about this creature before this post in the comments!

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I had NO idea about this Dino before I read about it.

That name is probably the sound they made when the asteroid hit lol

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Your probably right! :grinning:

The only reason I knew about it is that I googled Hadrosaur, and saw one of those size chart things for it.

Wow! I expected nobody to know this Dino!

lets see…
Health: 4850

Damage: 1500

Speed: 107

Armor: 0%

Critical: 20%

Resilient Strike

Emergency Heal

Group Healing Rampage

The huehuecanauhtlus is very powerful!

huehuecanauhtlus + Spinonyx
Spiny hadrosaur model
can walk on 2 legs or 4

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