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Dinosaurs Global: JANENSCHIA

It doesn’t matter. We can still create the same creature, but differently

I’m not making stats/abilities for the creatures. I’m simply giving facts about them and then giving a fun survey!

I see. I also do facts, but only after I finish with the creature, and its hybrid. Anyway, I don’t want to go off topic, so I’ll stop

That can shrink? because i doubt that it will fit in my house

Well maybe you could have the Janenschia on the roof of your house! :sweat_smile:


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You are the FIRST person to have a topic or even a post about Janeschia (probably)

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Dinosaurs Global: JANENSCHIA

Jurassic World™ AliveCommunity Content

31m - janeschia Janeschia:Rare Resilient Health: 5650 Dmg: 1570 Armor: 0% crit. chance 5% Decelerating Strike Bellow Shield Advantage Swap-in Slow

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Im gonna have to go with Dinoboy, I have the space, but not in the house.

I would have to agree with you. And even if I put it on my roof I could probably just fall right through. :laughing:

I don’t have big enough fences. Also, having those fences would just look suspicious where I live.

This should work :joy:

Hold up now. Let me look something up

What are you looking up? I’ve been waiting for nine days :rofl:

The size of it. I forgot about this post

Ohhh, Thanks for telling me!

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Yes. Completely forgot about looking it up. Trying to think of a hybrid for Alloraptor. I want the Chonky Raptor to get one

Ohh. I feel like I made this post so long ago while it’s only been 10 days.

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I think I got a hybrid for Chonky Raptor

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