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Dinosaurs Global: POEKILOPLEURON

(Artist Unknown)


Powerfully built, the Poekilopleuron is a master hunter. Strangely the Poekilopleuron had above average arms for the tyrannosauridae family which meant that this predator could latch on to their prey, not just with the teeth but with the claws! The Poekilopleuron was 30ft/9m long and 1 ton. With this information scientists could confirm it couldn’t run very fast, but would have to stalk its prey from the foliage around. Here is some more information about the Poekilopleuron: It’s a carnivore, It lived in modern day France/Norway, It lived in the Jurassic. Now here is a important survey:

Would you like to see POEKILOPLEURON in Jurassic World movie?
  • I would like to see that dinosaur in a JW movie
  • I would not like to see that dinosaur in a JW move

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Give your reasoning in the comments

I’m kind of neither or. If I saw it, I would be happy, as its a dinosaur, but I wouldn’t really know what it is. They would likely not, as they have introduced Allosaurus into the movies, but this could turn it into a real Jurassic World kind of fight.

Personally I would love to see it in a movie. But I logically as you said it’s basically just a more powerful version of a allosaurus. (Although it’s more closely related to megalosaurus) But you never know maybe it will feature in JW3

Yeah, I think it would be smarter to use the more distinctive dinosaurs that really stand out, like Yutyrannus for example.

Poekilopleuron could be made more appealing with the right genetic tampering, but otherwise it looks pretty generic.

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I agree I’m not sure if the JW audience would be able to tell the difference between a allosaurus and the Poekilopleuron.

hp: 5150
dmg: 1820
speed: 105
armor: 0%
crit chance: 35%

Cleanse Shattering Strike
Fierce strike
Rending Takedown
100% Dot-resistant
Vulerability: 100%

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I love it :heart_eyes:

thank you!