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Dinosaurs Global: UTAHCERATOPS

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You would think the Utahceratops was a hybrid between the utahraptor and triceratops but no! It’s simply a ceratopsian from Utah. The Utahceratops is from the sub-family called Chasmosaurinae which includes many of the large ceratopsians such as kosmoceratops, styracosaurs and chasmosaurus. This dinosaur probably lived 85-65 million years ago around the time that Huehuecanauhtlus, but because it lived in Utah it would never get a glimpse of the Huehuecanauhtlus. Here are some additional facts: It is a herbivore, it’s name means horned face from Utah, at first the paleontologist that discovered the Utahceratops thought it was a kosmotoceratops, but years later it was announced a new discovery. Next please take an important survey about the powerful Utahceratops :grinning:

The photo above shows a clash between two Utahceratops. From the image which Utahceratops would win the match? Explain why you picked the Utahceratops you did in the comments.

  • Utahceratops A
  • Utahceratops B

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Season two of Dinosaurs Global is coming to a close :cry: but here are some beautiful recreations of the dinosaurs mentioned in the series. Made by Cheeseeater, Dinoboy, Snake_Dude, and me!

Artist: Cheeseeater

Artist: Dinoboy

By Snake_Dude

Artist: MINMI


Lol the fact that’s real is amazing. That’s one of the few dinos from a series on these forums I literally don’t know. And ironically it’s a ceratopsian which is my favorite dino family.

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I could imagine Ludia accidentally making a hybrid called Utahceratops!


I think b as if you look at most fights today, if you are at an upward advantage, you can usually cause more damage and force your opponent to quit faster. However, if A tried, it could flip B over, but it’s not likely.


I would agree with you BUT Utahceratops B will smash into Utahceratops A’s frill which would do virtually nothing.


Although I do see your point

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That’s the point. Most animals have evolved ways to fight without hurting the other so much that it kills. And since B is hitting A on the frill, it would be similar to bighorn rams headbutting each other. This is why I think B would win.


Ohhh, That makes a lot of sense.


Most of my talk doesn’t. This was one I actually did have a brain. Why. I need it for my online classes.



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Thank you!