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Dinosaurs having low cool down peroids

I want to know dinosaurs or hybrids in the health range of 1000-1600
that have low cool down time .
Other than vips

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Some Dino’s having low cool down periods are-
T rex lvl 30

What do you guys think? @anon43877113

All the information you need…


Thanks @Sionsith

The less health a creature has, the faster its cooldown. Basically glass cannons have faster cooldowns than tanks.

For example
Ophiacommimus lvl 20 has 752 attack
Cooldown-2h 29min
But tapejalosaurous lvl 12 has about 1000 health but 4 h cooldown time
Just see the difference

Ophiacomimus has less health and attack.

Yes I know but very less difference is there in stats Than in cooldown

Pterodaustro has a way faster cooldown than Apatosaurus despite having around the same ferocity. Health is the main factor in cooldown.

Apat lvl 40 cooldown: 1D 9hr 52 min
Pterodaustro lvl 40 cooldown: 12hr 25 min

Health, rarity type, and level band is what determines a creatures cooldown.

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I would assume it’s mainly health. Kaprosuchus lvl 40 has a cooldown of 4 hrs 7 min while Deinocheirus has a cooldown of 5 hrs 57 min.

However the other ones do make an impact seeing that Metriaphodon has a slower cooldown than Apatosaurus.

Rare hybrids have the best cooldown for their stats…