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Dinosaurs I can't unlock

Hi everyone, today I realised that I can’t unlock Rhamphorhynchus, Aerotitan and Scaphognathus. I am currently on lvl 68 and battle stage 63, can anyone guide or tell me on what I should do? ( i don’t want to use DB on them)

Rhamphorynchus is currently in the unlock rotation so you will just have to be patient with this one.

Aerotitan is quite easy to obtain through modded PvP, grind that wheel as it can help tons with sdna also and you may earn yourself a rajastega or 2 if your lucky aswell.

Scaphognathus comes up quite a lot for golden rewards and most post shuffle players have him maxed and then some. I have also gained copies of him through coin to jurassic custom trades.


Scaphognathus :pleading_face:

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Thanks for your help. I think I will wait a little more for Rhamphorhynchus, I lost it’s unlock event (Feb 15 - 21), I’ll only struggle with the other two because I don’t want to rely on RNG to get them.

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Scaphognathus is probably the most common lol. I get enough scaphas that soon I’ll have a second lvl 40