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Dinosaurs in my team


Which ones

mono,and draco,allosino

and don’t forget the raptor

It actually a well built team, he can stay strong while getting wrecked if a nerf comes


Let me see your team

It’s a decent team. Keep working on it!
But personally I would propose to work on an end-game team in parallel.
Starting from Aviary, if not earlier, your dinos will not be relevant anymore. For example Mono might be a decent dino early in the game, but later on will be destroyed by pretty much everything.

Im still a low lvl player
But here is my team
Lvl 13 t rex g1
Lvl 10 giraffatitan
Lvl 11 elasmotherium
Lvl 11 secodontosaurus(planning to replace it whith thyla once i unlock it)
Lvl 10 koolasuchus g2
Lvl 11 utahraptor
Lvl 11 t rex g2
And lvl 12 suchotator


My team is quetzorion,thoradolosaur,erlidominus, and some others will post it later

also what’s the poimt of making this topic anyway?

He is looking for advice

Your team is pretty decent. I wouldn’t change much. I’m happy to see a fellow monometrodon

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This is what a lot of people in this forum do.
Post their teams to see how they could improve. Like you did 6 days ago :slight_smile:

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10 charcters.

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you got a solid start here. well built.
if you know what you want as a high aviary team you can work towards that as well as working on your main team.

the only thing i would probably replace right now is velo with a different cunning that has a bit more to its kit. Poukaidei is a solid candidate.


Bruh you’ve been playing for how long?

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No wonder you hate Mono, a base level one would sweep that team


I tried to look for heast eagle but can´t for the other I have so many. I tried to do the troumnt ut got 10.

Haast Eagle is an Exclusive creature. It’ll only show up during special events. Download the JWA Field Guide and check it out. It can give you an understanding of what you’ll find and where to find it. Helped me out a bunch early on


Thanks for helping me.