Dinosaurs in the woods


What dinosaurs did you find in the woods. Not parks but a wooded area?


There are no specific creatures in the game that inhabit only wooded areas.

Most creatures belong to three categories: global, park, and local spawns. Global spawns appear anywhere during certain times of the day (and some at any time of day). Park spawns generally only appear in or near green spaces on your map–what many players refer to as parks. And finally, local spawns only appear with specific “zones” or areas.

Let’s use my city as an example: I can find Utahraptor anywhere and anytime because it’s a global anytime spawn. I can’t find Tuojiangosaurus in my neighborhood because it lives in Local Habitat Zone 3 (I live in Zone 2). However, I can find Ornithomimus at my local neighborhood park.

Check out this blogpost from MetaHub.info for more details on spawn locations: https://metahub.info/guide/1657/jurassic-world-alive-spawn-mechanics-post-1-3-update-where-to-find-specific-dinosaurs-spawn-rates/

Hope this helps answer your question!


Ok this definitely sounds like the name of a movie :movie_camera:

My bad! That was “Dinosaurs in the Hood” :joy::joy: