Dinosaurs Not Showing Up At Special Event Supply Drops


Guess who won’t be able to catch ANY of the new Raptors because of a glitch? You guessed it. Me. I was fine with the Baryonyx not showing up at ONE of my local Special Event Supply Drops, but now ALL of the drops have no dinosaurs beneath them??? I just want to enjoy this game, but y’all are making it real difficult for me. :l Reporting these glitches is probably pointless anyway? Ludia seems to have no interest in listening to their users.


just check back like 30m later. they dont have 100% uptime. its not a glitch.


Ain’t nobody got time for that? I can’t hang around those drops for long because I don’t live in that area and have to catch a bus. I’ll go past them again tomorrow, but the dinos should be there all the time. I don’t get enough of an opportunity to catch them as is.


ill admit i dont understand why they have cooldowns depending on rarity or why they arent just 100% up so you can battle and be done. i assume there is a reason on their end though. it is however stated in the event rules/guide how it works though.


Same my blue and charlie​:sob::sob::sob:


I have similar bug. Sometimes there are green containers without dinos. I have a park near my place of work with 10 green containers, and sometimes it happens that all of them have no dinos and if I restart game all of them are displayed as usual. Sometimes even these green containers just shown as regular blue, and app restart helps in this case.