Dinosaurs should Attack!


Jurassic World is a world of dinosaurs. The problem is they are all cute, cuddly, friendly and kind. They might as well be purple and all named Barney.

I understand this is a game for kids and all but it would be nice to add a little fun ‘danger’ to the game where the carnivore dinosaurs actually attack and put us in battle mode with them. This would only happen if we get too close to them say within 25 meters. That way if you just want to get DNA from them you can still get close enough for the whole time.

The fun part would be the dinos that pop up on top of you in a surprise attack. You can have a run button for those who just don’t want to go through a battle or you physically walk away and once your farther than 50 meters the game goes back to the map screen. Then you can collect DNA the regular way.

The reward for battling and defeating the dino could be a set amount of DNA, maybe a little more than what you could get the regular way.

Just another idea to make the game better and more fun.


That’s actually something that would be nice to add to the game! I agree with you! :slight_smile: