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Dinosaurs should Attack


Jurassic would is a world of dinosaurs. The problem is they are all cute, cuddly, tame, nice and friendly. They might as well purple and all named Barney.

I know this game is something for kids to play also but it would be nice to put a little fun play danger to the game. There are a lot of carnivores that might like to eat you for a snack. If you get too close to these, say within 25 meters, you suddenly find yourself in battle mode with them where you have to select a dino off your team to take it out.

For those who simply don’t want to take the time to battle can either hit a run button or walk away from that spot and when you pass 50 meters from the dino, the game goes back to the map screen. You can then just leave or turn and extract DNA from it. If you run, it disappears.

The reward for defeating the dino could be a set amount of DNA. The level of the dino can be high to be challenging, say double a players level with a max of level 30. So I’m level 10 right now so an attacking dino would be level 20.

In order to not make it too easy, it could be a one on one fight with a selected dino from your team. If you loose, you get nothing. You could have the loosing dino loose a certain amount of DNA to have some risk to battleing.

I just like throwing ideas out that could make the game more diverse and more fun.