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I can’t find titanoboa gen 1 for a lot of time , when can I see it in the map again??

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She’s an event exclusive at the moment so only when appears on the dinosaurs of the week or as a reward for something.


i still havent even gotten titanoboa gen1 yet. i have like 50 or so of its dna but i only got that from sactuaries.

I remember getting it in the tournament for Titanoboa. After a few months, I managed to get Dilophoboa, then finally Spinoconstrictor. I love Spinoconstrictor, but with her current moveset, I just don’t like how she plays out. You used to be able to get some damage into counter attackers, but now its hard. You have to rely on so many things to go right, and it hurt me to do it, but I had to bench her. If it got its old kit back, I would gladly pick it back up.

Coming from a vet snek player I think it’s best played as a starter, be liberal with the use of ID , but i think that being good at mind games is important as a strictor player


Tried that. Almost never worked, though that could just be MM always making sure they have either 1 immune or 1 resilient creature. It was fun sometimes, but I just don’t care for her current kit.

Like I said, mind games are important, but having some team synergy would help tol

I can post what I had when I had Spinoconstrictor, but mind games can’t help when Resilient or Immune was in every battle. Actually, I might add it back. I’m seeing way to many Thor’s at 29 in aviary.

Dude, my spino wreck OB thors

Mine actually usually wins against Maxima and is also great at setting up revenge kills. Like I said team synergy is inportant

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My snek is so far greatly working for me in the aviary. Like when going against a thor around lvl 23-25, I just use distraction stike thing, then instant distraction(thor users usually use instant charge), then just another move to kill like the stike because the DoT does help with getting its health real low

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Wish I saw level 23-25 Thors that were slow.

How fast are they??? I usually face thors around 115 speed, and my snek is 128

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level 29, over 130 speed usually. If I don’t have my erlindom or smiloneys, I just go well gg game, thanks for that.

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I’m speechless, I’ve only ever faced an I rex and Thor with speed at 150, I-I don’t know what to say just good luck mate, idk

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I’ve seen them so many times. I’m finally in library. Good luck getting out of Aviary yourself.

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Thx, good luck to you too

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I hope Spino serve you well. I’m thinking erlikospyx might be pretty good.

U don’t mind if I friend u in game?

No. Ill message you my name and number.