Dinosaurs striking twice

I want to know why sometime when you change out your Dino the other Dino strikes yours two or three times before you get a chance to strike back.

What do you mean exactly, can you give an example?

Obviously when you swap out your dino you lose an attack, unless you use something like a Kaprosuchus then you get an attack still.

The only thing I can think of getting 2 attacks would be you swap in a slower dino than the opponent.

But giving an actual example would help to understand exactly what you mean.

Oh so if you swap out a Dino u lose a turn to strike?

Yes, when swapping out a dino that is your turn gone.

But sometimes I get hit twice tho

Before I even get to strike back

Do you mean you get hit twice before the options come up for you to pick your next attack?

And I’m not stunned or anything

No like I have already picked my next move and he hits me again that has happened a few times. Not all the time but at the WRONG times. Ahahaha

You lose another turn if your Dino is slower than the opponent.

Probably because you picked a slower dino.

You vs Opponent
You swap, opponent attacks.
You chose attack, opponent chooses attack, opponent faster so hits first?

No you don’t lose another turn. You still take your turn.

Oh he is just faster?

Yes, it’s just like any other attack, the faster dino always goes first.

Oh ok. Lmao well thank you because I was soooo mad yesterday I take those battles seriously ahahhaahahah

Could it be you are facing a counter attacker?

No your first answer was about right

No worries. Basically if you pick a dino you know is faster, then on that second turn you’d hit them first unless they slowed you down.

That one strike event I lost really made me mad tho the YELLOW ONE :woman_facepalming:t3:

How do you win that one