Dinosaurs striking twice

I have ok Dino’s I think and I lost TWICE

You forfeit your turn on the swap phase… so the opponent attacks for free. Then if it’s faster it attacks again. If it stuns you on your swap turn… you have to wait till your NEXT turn to remove the stun, effectively giving your opponent 3 consecutive turns


Yeah it’s already been explained.

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yea but that’s anyways ahahahhaha

I have a question about that yellow strike event HOW DO U WIN THAT ONE

As for the yellow strike event… two things. One, it might be over your level. They could honestly be too much to handle.

If not: try this strategy.

Run a tank to start… you need one that can survive the bary first attack and the kaprosichus swap in strike. You want to use a slowing or stunning move on turn 2 to trap the kapro. Run fast high damage creatures after the tank dies. You can also swap to a second tank b4 the first one dies

I failed it and didn’t bother to try a second time. I was a passenger in a 3 hour long car journey when doing it so didn’t really pay full attention unfortunately. So not sure the best tactic to use. Mainly depends on what dinos you have.

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Show us your team so we can see if you have a chance

Ok can I message you and show you my team and you can show me what you are talking about please lol

I’ll help if I can

Ok how do I do that oh I see hold on

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Swapping out is one my favorite things about battling in this game. It can be really risky until you have a better idea of how your new dino will compare to the one you’re swapping it in against. It can also help end matches in your favor if they’re on their last dino/last leg and you know you’re faster and have the damage to end it. Just be sure you can take the hit without being stunned or slowed into another possibly lethal hit (immunity helps a lot here :grin:) then Bob’s your uncle and swapping just won you the game. There are surely YouTube videos that will explain the variables a lot better than I ever could. These are good questions. Best of luck.

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Wait I somehow got logged out

Could you post more of your dino collection? Because with your roster you wont make it

For the love of god, stop wasting coins on your Gen 2 Triceratops…